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chetsgirl Sorry it's been so long “I just got fiance out out the hospital back on March 7th of this year due to carbon dioxide poisoning.”
stay-strong School and depression “In my third year with my English degree in progress, I wrote an essay about "The Mill On the Floss"…”
notsonormal1 Newbie here “Tell your doctor! They can up the dosage more or find a medication that will work for you. Keep your…”
CoffeePlease! SSRI's and Induced Emotional Blunting (Feeling Numb From… “Hello, 15 years gping through "trial an error" meds. Torture, gping thru one now. Hatd to even type this due…”
Dr GaryTherapist Hello, “Hi Marianne, it's great to meet you. I am glad you found your way to Depression Connect. You are not…”

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