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HappyHaunt1000 I've been in therapy for years with no… “Thank you for responding. I am going to keep up with my therapy and will take your suggestion in mind…”
Onedayatatime67 my first real post as a new member “I am turning 50 years old this month and just don't see where I've made any kind of progress with…”
jzSal My feelings “they don't care about us. at least thats how i feel. everyone is too self-absorbed to care about each other.”
sunnytrails Can You Be Denied Life Insurance Due To… “I would like to see my doctor about my depression and anxiety, but I’m afraid that would go on my…”
Rebekhaz2 Input Needed! Psychotherapy Mobile App - Yay or… “Great work TruBeauty! Way to go!”

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