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abeautifuldisaster First time, and i loved it “You are very important and i know what its like to feel this way. Im here to talk if ya…”
Dr GaryTherapist I've been in therapy for years with no… “Thanks for following up with me, I appreciate it. I understand what you mean. That's why I think it can…”
HappyHaunt1000 Do You Experience Guilt and Shame Like… “I do feel a lot of guilt and shame for my inability to have a "normal" life. I feel guilty…”
ARB35 my first real post as a new member “You're not alone. I know that may not be comforting, but hopefully it helps you on some level.”
tallblueman I need somebody “Hi Kayla, I want to say hi, I am real glad that you are here, I have been going through…”

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