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Sad Blue Eyes Drinking and sex “So last night me and my friend decided to have a few shots that turned into 8 or 9…”
HailyCarson Bipolar Disorder 1 “Each day is like walking the high wire act. It is so hard for me to stay balanced. Sometimes…”
reallytallgirl Ever get sick of being told to look… “I NEVER am able to look on the bright side of things. its like so engraved in me to prepare…”
phoenixpheathers Yikes! That was a mean thought. Where’d that… “Sometimes I feel that at work I am at war. My daughter works with me and I often feel like…”
Truecomfort Late Discovery Adoption Depression “Hello. A few weeks ago (only weeks before my 57th birthday) I found out that I was adopted about 1…”

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