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notsonormal1 You and your medication: Upsides and downsides. “I am currently on Effexor ER 150 and 75. For the most part things have been ok, however I have…”
Dr GaryTherapist You as a person with depression. Ever feel… “Hi! My clients often talk to me about how, once other people know they are living with a mental illness like…”
Antoniaco My School “I know how you feel. I'm only in middle school, but my school is so small that elementary, middle and…”
WTFISLIFEIFUDONTFEELALIVE I am hearing things “I find myself trying to sleep or sitting in college or practically any normal part of my life and i…”
Meran Not sure what to do “First of all, I want to say from the bottom of my heart I am in awe of your strength.”

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