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Dr GaryTherapist New “HI Nena, I am so glad you found your way to our supportive community. Welcome!!! Sounds like you are getting…”
Reech need help “I have recently gone through a divorce and made some dumb decisions and I have self inflicted my self to…”
likethorns First time seeking therapy — pyschologist or psychiatrist? “This is my first time finally seeking to speak with a therapist after living with depression for over a decade.”
Ilikescrambledeggs Depression or Just an Archetypal Teen? “Do you have a yearly exam with your primary care doctor? They can check all the health related things while…”
AmandaPanda09 SSRI's and Induced Emotional Blunting (Feeling Numb From… “I took Zoloft as a juvenile it didn't really work for me maybe consider switching medications? honestly its tough because…”

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