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Mountains2016 Need someone to talk to. “I am sorry you are going through so much. Hugs. We can chat anytime”
Shona Shnoo Feel free to message me on kik- shennen100 “Hi, I'm new on here. I'm a teen and I've been diagnosed with bipolar, lets not go into detail.”
wordwarrior55 A little sensitive to criticism? If so, you’re… “Dr Gary I liked reading this. Criticism has always been difficult for me. Growing up I never felt like anything…”
Lia913 Pregnant and Insecure “Try to distract yourself from the weight issue somehow. You can, for example, learn how to give your baby best…”
stanmark9 Getting through the first year… what’s it like? “Sometimes I feel like I am still in my first year, I was diagnosed in March of 2007 and we…”

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