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Dr GaryTherapist Genetyping for Mental Health Medications. “HI SKL85, wow, this is really interesting. I have heard very little about this process, but am going to do…”
Dedpoet She messaged "Hi" “People like us, we get so caught up in hooe for a better day or life or anything resembling the…”
nan325 Be careful who trust on this website: catfish… “Thank you, for this warning. I've been getting Depress Connects' emails for a long time now, and just now decided…”
jayjay198824 You as a person with depression. Ever feel… “My mom told basically everyone. I was treated differently afterwards never was treated the same I have lost a little…”
Poppies76 Depression “I have been dealing with depression for a long time but refused it for years. Over this last year…”

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