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jayjay198824 Learning Disabilities “Emotional. :-( not sure if I have a learning disability. I cannot for the life of me go back to…”
Curious about health i dont know whats going on “Honestly I have had many of those "daydreams" come back up front I always say to rethink from your past…”
Dr GaryTherapist Is your boss aware of your mental illness? “Hey Adn6690, it's great to meet you. Thanks for checking in here. So glad to hear you work in such…”
KevMit Complicated and complex and therefore lonely “Trust me, you are not alone.”
TruBeauty Input Needed! Psychotherapy Mobile App - Yay or… “I am currently involved in a mobile app project. The goal is to build an app that would be extremely…”

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Dr GaryTherapist Dr GaryCA answered Red87's question I was wondering, how does one lose their….
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