Depression: Valentine's Day Tips

Keep your V-Day a little less serious and a lot more fun with these tips.

Depression: Valentine's Day Tips

By Depression Connect StaffA Published at February 13 Views 959

Valentine's Day can be a hard time for many people. Whether you're single or in a relationship, this holiday may bring up negative feelings. Some people are filled with happiness and love and others wish February would just disappear off the calendar. Keep your V-Day a little less serious and a lot more fun with these tips:

Your relationship is only a part of you

If you are single and loving it, unattached and hating it or even in a relationship, it's important to remember that this is still only one part of your life. There is plenty more about you that makes you unique and great. During the days leading up to Valentine's, it can seem like the whole world is pressuring you to have some kind of romantic relationship. Cards, candies and flowers are available around every turn, as if mocking you if you aren't currently attached. So what if you're single? That's totally OK! Your value is not based on being in a relationship. Don't worry about why you're not with someone; instead think of your good qualities and things in your life that you like.

Get together with friends

Valentine’s isn't only about romantic love. Celebrate friendship by hosting or going to a party on V-Day. Instead of moping at home and binge-watching reruns of your favorite show, get together with the people who have seen you through thick and thin and reminisce about all the good times you have had together.

Send valentines

It's nice to receive mail and feel like you are loved. Send some to people you care about by making Valentine's cards. Create them for your parents, relatives, friends, crushes, your favorite dog walker, and everyone you'd like to thank for being themselves. You'd feel good if you received one of these, so why not spread the love?

Don't contact your ex

With all this romance around you, it can bring up memories and feelings of past Valentine's Days with an ex. While it's OK to miss them and reminisce a little, it is not OK to call them, whether you're sober or drunk. Wait a few days to see if you really want to talk to them after the V-Day buzz has died down. It's perfectly all right to remember the good times, but don't spend a lot of time dwelling on them.


So, everyone around you is coupled up and already has something going on for the big day? No worries, you can make your own plans. Call local animal or homeless shelters to see if you can volunteer. Spend a few hours on Valentine's Day playing with kitties and puppies or serving food to people who need it. You'll feel thankful for what you have when you see how helpful these small gestures can be and the difference they make in someone's life. Invite friends or coworkers to join you in spending a day in service for others. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness and want to help out too.

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