Depression Discussions

Anonymous I don't want to kill myself, but pray I don't wake up Not sure what came first, depression or addiction. Think I had postpartum that was not addressed, due to my using…
By Anonymous Latest Activity Yesterday at 3:40 pm Replies 7
ConorMG So the other week I saw a video... A while back I saw a video about writing yourself a love letter, the video was quite sweet and everyone…
By ConorMG Latest Activity Yesterday at 12:45 pm Replies 6 Likes 1
hanger Advice from those who are successfully coping Looking for some tips from anyone!!! I have noticed my depression seems to be taking control of me ...... And…
By hanger Latest Activity Yesterday at 10:46 pm Replies 5
rwz3 woke up to another beautiful sunny day... Wishing I was anywhere but here.
By rwz3 Latest Activity August 21 at 4:50 pm Replies 4
xxLoveIs18xx My Mom My mom is saying really nasty comments to me. She's telling me to go hook up with her boyfriend and…
By xxLoveIs18xx Latest Activity August 21 at 3:03 pm Replies 4
lina_1992 Not sure I am not sure if I can countine with what I am doing I feel very very depressed I feel…
By lina_1992 Latest Activity August 20 at 2:41 pm Replies 10
xxLoveIs18xx stressed out i hate being stressed. It makes me so tired and I have No energy.
By xxLoveIs18xx Latest Activity Yesterday at 6:41 am Replies 3
mamaof3boys Today is the day His 18th bday is today. I'm so sad. I feel sick. I haven't taken his bday this hard in a…
By mamaof3boys Latest Activity Yesterday at 8:14 am Replies 8
rwz3 Where can I go to have peace of mind If there is any peace from dying, I want it without actually dying...i don't know how to numb myself and…
By rwz3 Latest Activity August 20 at 11:57 pm Replies 5 Likes 3
xxLoveIs18xx still getting b****ed at I hate how my mom keeps blaming everything on me. I can't handle it No more .I'M DONE.
By xxLoveIs18xx Latest Activity Yesterday at 9:36 am Replies 2
xxLoveIs18xx Sexaul Abuse I was sexually abused about a year now I have court in a month or so. How can I even…
By xxLoveIs18xx Latest Activity August 21 at 8:20 am Replies 4
splitpea922 Stressed How is everyone doing today? I know I ask it every day but it seems to help some. I am in…
By splitpea922 Latest Activity Yesterday at 1:00 pm Replies 2
Bob the Tomato Blog I recently started a blog to discuss the journey I've been going through as I have struggled emotionally and spiritually.
By Bob the Tomato Latest Activity Yesterday at 3:18 pm Replies 2 Likes 2
splitpea922 anyone online wanting to chat? I find my self bored and down in the dumps....sigh.
By splitpea922 Latest Activity August 21 at 2:18 pm Replies 2
xxLoveIs18xx Can I Just Give Up? I just to give up. Today just gets worse. I wish my mom wouldn't put all her stress on me.
By xxLoveIs18xx Latest Activity Yesterday at 11:52 am Replies 1
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