Depression Discussions

Anonymous Remember when this site was poppin? I remember when this app was so packed someone posted something every minute. If some of you don't know this…
By Anonymous Latest Activity Yesterday at 5:10 pm Replies 10 Likes 5
Heather\m/ Movie Night So tonight I saw a post saying how we should post about our lives too, happy things not just depressing…
By Heather\m/ Latest Activity 1:45 am Replies 9 Likes 5
mochi123 help just when you need someone there to talk to you have no one right now I feel like s*** that's…
By mochi123 Latest Activity 12:23 am Replies 5
*Honey Bunny* Days when you feel like you just want to disappear without a trace At the moment I wish I could disappear. Go away somewhere in the deep woods and just wonder off alone.
By *Honey Bunny* Latest Activity 12:27 am Replies 5
HealingSpirit Who can I talk to when family, friends and therapist don't help? I've had to distance myself from a couple who were my closest friends as I found they were adding to…
By HealingSpirit Latest Activity Yesterday at 10:00 pm Replies 4
mochi123 just how? how do you guys live with depression.
By mochi123 Latest Activity Yesterday at 4:38 am Replies 3
Dr GaryTherapist What do you do about negative people? Here's a positive approach. Got some negative people in your life? At home? At work? Or some days, just about everywhere you turn? It…
By Dr GaryCA Latest Activity November 19 at 4:10 pm Replies 9 Likes 1
Sharonell Holiday Blues It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yeah. Not for everyone. Hearing other people talk about all their plans…
By Sharonell Latest Activity November 19 at 2:34 am Replies 6
mochi123 i want to I want to know how to start a conversation with people how to make friends in the real world.......................
By mochi123 Latest Activity Yesterday at 7:34 am Replies 3
lina_1992 Over it I am giving up for good.
By lina_1992 Latest Activity 8:21 am Replies 1
mochi123 when when your about to go to the hospital and you made a plan to cut how can you stop urself…
By mochi123 Latest Activity Yesterday at 4:35 am Replies 2
mochi123 i what is SAD I don't understand what SAD is can anyone tell me explain to me wat SAD is.
By mochi123 Latest Activity Yesterday at 8:12 am Replies 2
mochi123 ..... when does Zoloft start working?
By mochi123 Latest Activity Yesterday at 4:09 am Replies 2
mochi123 can..... what make you get distracted from the felling emotion.
By mochi123 Latest Activity Yesterday at 12:04 pm Replies 1
mochi123 HELP help I cant take this anymore I need someone to talk to.
By mochi123 Latest Activity Yesterday at 12:01 pm Replies 1
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