Depression Discussions

lina_1992 Lossing people in my life First I have lost two of my teachers and my four grandparents and now my grandpa is in hospital he…
By lina_1992 Latest Activity 8:43 pm Replies 16
Catie3243 Am I wrong? So I've been dating this guy for 7months and currently live with him. Everything goes great until I become clumsy.
By Catie3243 Latest Activity 12:04 pm Replies 5
Hunter B Oven I haven't been close to shoving my head in the oven in months. I'm there now. Need support.
By Hunter B Latest Activity 11:26 am Replies 8
PDXile Hi My name's Adam. I'm 30, and have lived in Portland, OR for 26 years. For most of my life, I was…
By PDXile Latest Activity 9:08 pm Replies 5
mamaof3boys Can't get out of bed I can't get out of bed. How am I supposed to be a mother when I can't move???
By mamaof3boys Latest Activity 12:26 pm Replies 2
dreamscape Weak This is my first post. I feel like such a weak, worthless individual when I need to be strong for…
By dreamscape Latest Activity 8:52 pm Replies 2
Kelko27 Why I don't like life? I mean Im not suicidal and Im not terrible sad and I never had any really traumatic event in my…
By Kelko27 Latest Activity 8:32 pm Replies 2
angela_viokissx Achievement. I haven't cut in 2 weeks today!
By angela_viokissx Latest Activity 8:57 pm Replies 3 Likes 7
Anonymous The hardest thing? I don't know what's worse... Loving someone heart and soul who you will never ever have or knowing that person…
By Anonymous Latest Activity Yesterday at 6:36 pm Replies 3
maddmike89 Hard time dealing with break up Been with this girl for almost 5 years. Fine 1 day. Next she left. She kissed me when she left.
By maddmike89 Latest Activity 11:41 am Replies 2
splitpea922 how is everyone today? I am tired and bored as usual.
By splitpea922 Latest Activity Yesterday at 6:48 pm Replies 6
Anonymous depressed finishing the last year of high school and true I don't have any good friends but everyone in the school…
By Anonymous Latest Activity 11:51 am Replies 2
Tears with Wings Push everything & everyone away I close out the world, then wonder why I am lonely. Yet I just cannot bring myself to be social.
By Tears with Wings Latest Activity 8:34 pm Replies 1
Drewbreed I'm here for anyone My name is Drew. I don't have depression. I'm just simply here because if anyone needs someone to talk to…
By Drewbreed Latest Activity 7:07 am Replies 1 Likes 2
Dr GaryTherapist Looking back on summer… had any fun lately? If not, it’s about time! Having fun yet? I’m sure you’ve been asked that question before, maybe when you’re in the middle of an especially…
By Dr GaryCA Latest Activity 8:47 pm Replies 7 Likes 1
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