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No matter what I do I'll never be what I want. I dont want the body I have at all . I don't like my belly or my legs or my arms at all. I really hate my body . I tell myself that I'm okay but it's just big lie just as big as me . I weight 120 and I'm 5'2 or something like that. I hate my body so much . Because of this body a boy in my eight grade class who I had a crush on said no to me because I was fat he even said " he wouldn't go out with a fat girl because he likes skinny girls" and wow that just made feel like crap back then and it still does when I think about it . But look now both of us are in high school and he doesn't have a girlfriend and me well I freaking do and man she is freaking beautiful . Tall , skinny just plain beautiful . And he is still a freaking virgin hahaha now who's the fat ugly one . Well back to my story of how I hate my body . I hate it soooooooo much . That's why from now one I'm going to do everything to loose weight and get to 115 and then 110 and after that I will be happy. I just need to loose 10 more 10 more and that's all I need . I'm already a vegetarian so I don't have to eat meat so that's one less thing to eat and I'm very picky and my mom knows it now I just have to fool my mom into thinking I'm eating enough when really I'll eat less then my little brother. And I have to stop with my addiction with coca cola because I know if I keep drinking that shit it's going to make me fat . And I guess I have to start working out again like how I used to in 8 and 7 grade . I want to weight 110 to be happy. If I have to I will throw up I don't want to but if I can't control what I eat then I will do it. I want the body of my dreams and that's what I will get

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  • June 10 at 3:17 pm   

    He was wrong. Your body is okay the way it is. Once time, I asked this guy out to prom and he said no the first time but then the next day he say that he was just nervous and that what he wanted to say was 'yes'. Maybe you just need to put yourself out there more.

  • Harvey Dent
    Harvey Dent June 24, 2012 at 3:06 am   

    It's the inner beauty that counts. Those "pretty" girls get by on beauty for a short period of time. A personality and a heart can't get wrinkles
    You have a very good personality and heart. Who needs looks when you have the best quality a human can have.

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