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I've had depression and anxiety problems since my early teens. I've self harmed, had panic attacks, self medicated with alcohol, lost myself in books and films, and made myself feel better with food. None of which are by any means 'healthy' coping mechanisms.
I'm 23 now, and exhausted physically and mentally.

I'm now on 200mg of Zoloft, which has taken the edge off, so I'm trying to focus on losing some weight, I'm not working so have plenty of time. My self esteem is at an all time low, I hate my body, and that obviously adds to the depression. That vicious circle,
Eat, get fat, eat to make myself feel better, get fatter…

I'm walking every day, I've cut my portions down and lowered my carb and sugar intake. I record everything I eat…
But how do I keep it going, it's all very manageable on a 'good day' but what about the low days, like today. I feel drained and my body aches, I don't have the will power. All I want to do is lie around in my pjs and watch a film to make me feel better.

I'm a size 22 and i NEED to lose the weight, I can't carry on hating my reflection.

Can anyone help?!!

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