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I feel horribly guilty when I eat, I hate it. I'm not starving myself but I like to eat at certain times and I like to eat healthy, I don't like meat or carbs at all. My mum is constantly buying me fast food and junk food all the time and I don't want it but I feel like I have to eat it. I feel guilty when I don't eat too. I hate wasting things and I hate having her spend money on me when I just throw it away. I wish she's stop feeding me or someone would eat it for me. I don't want to eat it. I can't tell her due to previous eating disorder problems, knowing her she will jump to the worst case scenario and try to admit me in a treatment program and blame herself. I feel like I don't have control and it's all getting shoved down my throat. It's disgusting.

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  • millypilly
    millypilly April 13, 2013 at 4:16 am   

    Here's an idea of something proactive you can do: how about asking your mum if she would like to do a cooking class with you? It would be a lovely mother/daughter experience & your mum may find some healthy stuff she likes to cook & most importantly cook with you!

  • Hwnzzy
    Hwnzzy April 12, 2013 at 9:26 pm   

    It's perfectly normal for you to feel that way and eating healthy is a great thing as long as your eating regularly and not skipping out on meals. I avoided telling my mother of my self harming incidents because I was terrified she'd blame herself or whisk me off to some sort of mental hospital but when the time came and I was terrified I was going to cut too deep in the next few days I had to tell her. Turns out she didn't freak out but we sat down and had a chat and she said she would help me. Now I only cut once in like a month or something

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