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Oh boy, it seems as though it's been a while!

Well, let me just list some of the things that have been going on since I was I. DC next:

I have been seeing a counselor, which is still weird for me and kind of hard to deal with. I was diagnosed with Depresseion and PTSD so far, but my counselor suspects another anxiety disorder and she said she wants to test for more.
I was put on medication almost three days ago due to the fact that three weeks is too far away to see my psychiatrist in my doctors eyes, so she got me started on meds right away. Celexa, yay! ( I think)
I will be out on more meds by the psychiatrist, this is just the beginning.
I got a referral and permission to get an Emotional Support Dog! I am looking for the right dog, and it will be certified as soon as I find the right dog for me. I have to keep reminding myself PATIENCE!
I haven't been allowed to leave my moms sight since I started taking medication, Celexa is said to have caused many teen suicides and my doctor worries I might do something to myself…I'm pretty glad she's worried about that because so am I.
I haven't been to school in a week, which isn't good news, but not all news is good, is it? I am regretting missing so much school again, but I get really anxious when I think about school and I'm afraid I might have another panic attack if I go to school…so I can't make myself go. Not good!!! I'm supposed to graduate in June!?!

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