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I was put on 2 medications for depression, anxiety and eating disorders, I been fighting it hard for about a year but i swear as i get older i feel its killing me. I Just want to die everyday its like i have no purpose, i get so angry i need medication to feel happy or feel alive. This is a horrible feeling and it wont go away i get anxiety over everything then cry and then the dying thoughts come into mind.

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  • vsal84
    vsal84 January 13 at 1:15 am   

    Cind8989 I feel exactly how you feel to the T…I can only pray for us. Because the older I get I feel like it is certainty going to kill me. I fee like giving up but I fight tge good battle everyday. It is very hard even with my medication

  • Dr GaryCA December 30 at 9:53 pm   

    Hi Cind8989, it's really good to meet you. I am glad you found your way to us. I understand your dislike of medication. But what I would say to a client in your situation is that depression and anxiety can be the result of a chemical imbalance. And if so, then they are best treated through medication. If you are not getting the results you need from your medication, then it would be a really good idea to have a conversation with your doctor. Let him/her know how you are feeling. Your doctor really needs to know how you are feeling. Also, I am wondering if you are seeing a counselor. A counselor could help you to learn some new coping skills for dealing with what's going on in your life. I really hope you will let any mental health professionals you are working with know you are feeling. Take good care of yourself. And stay in touch with us.

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