Why are we not teaching about this in schools?

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We have history class, science, English, math, gym class, sex ed, computers, and so many more classes but not a single one of then teaches us about one of the most difficult and hardest parts that we will go through in life. Depression.

We've kept it a secret for so long, swept under the rug like if it was nothing. No big deal. Just toss it under there and forget it ever happened right ?

And why have we done this for so many years? All the way back to 1925, Because we're all to afraid and scared of it. We all know to well that depression slowly and easily lead into suicide. That's why so many people are scared and afraid to talk about depression. That's why people are scared to even say the word depression. Let alone even think about it. So when someone says that they have depression or are suicidal people run from it. Because they don't know how to help them. Let alone the people who are running from them also have depression themselves. That's the truth that's a fact right there. In fact all you know it just as well because just like me… You've also ran from it.

I'm not trying to put anyone down I'm not trying to make anyone look bad but I think we can all do a better job as a human race to help each other out. All I'm saying is that we were all put here on this Earth for more than just one reason.

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  • CoffeePlease!
    CoffeePlease! February 8 at 6:07 pm   

    Hi, i believe people feel it will bring them down. Its hard to confide, thats why we try to deny or hide it. I do not want to explain my illness or hear statements that will trigger me . Mental illness is just now slightly acknowledged by all. I agree a 110% about educating in school, it would help with the dang bullying!

  • Dr GaryCA February 4, 2017 at 9:34 pm   

    HI ghostface, it is great to see you again. I think it's been quite awhile since we have been in touch with each other. I totally agree with you. We aren't preparing students to cope with life, not in many of the ways we need to. Teaching them about mental health and mental illness would be a step in the right direction. I talk about this often with students and clients. I wish schools would add a required class, maybe as part of physical education, that addressed coping skills, and helped to take the stigma of mental illness away. Let's keep hoping.

  • jayjay198824
    jayjay198824 February 3, 2017 at 5:39 am   
    Edited February 3, 2017 at 6:24 am by jayjay198824

    Hi, I think the main reason its not being taught or talk about is because a lot of the stigma about mental health (insane). I think thats the first thing come to mind when someone mentions mental health illnesses such as depression, paranoia, anxiety. People today still not comfortable being around people with mental health issues I think because they think of it as something they cant fix and an illness that doesn't exist.

    A lot of bullying already goes on in places like school even if it was taught I think a lot of children that suffer a lone still will get bullied. I know some schools where I live (iIllinois) do mental health screening for children they fill out questionnaire and weekly visit from a license counselor if there was things such as depression and anxiety they would work with the students. I think thats as far as it could go as for teaching about life with depression. Teaching to deal with and express themselves. I guess it should be avoided in someway in my opinion. Some Children tend to jump to worse scenario playing in their head how depression and mental illness is something that they would have to live with forever and it wont get better it makes its worse and then it could help I guess it depends.

  • jayjay198824
    jayjay198824 February 3, 2017 at 5:41 am   
    Edited February 3, 2017 at 6:26 am by jayjay198824

    I was able to edit my post I accidentally posted before finishing. Lol

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