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Hello. it's been along time since I posted on this group.
I've been dealing with depression off and on for 25 years. I was stable from January through May. Taking natural supplements and doing well. Then I crashed in late May. I've tried going back on meds. The first med I took was Prozac and it did nothing. My doctor is switching me over to Lexapro. I'm just curious… Have any of you ever taken this med? And if so,what has been your experience with it? I've tried so far other things and nothing has worked. I'm feeling desperate as I want my life and my mental clarity back

Thanks for listening! Susie

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  • Dr GaryCA July 4 at 8:13 pm   

    Hey Susie, it's great to see you, my friend. Glad to have you back! Really sorry to hear about that crash, I really am. I am glad to hear you are taking good care of yourself and got connected with a physician. It has been my experience with my clients that it can take some time and patience to get to the optimal medication regimen. Two steps forward, one step back. So I hope you will be patient. Everybody has their own unique biochemistry. But I do encourage you to be a high maintenance patient. Work closely with your doctor, let him/her know how you're doing every step of the way. I am keeping you in my thoughts, my friend. Please keep us posted on how you're doing!

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