I feel different from everyone

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Hey, I just joined this website & am givin this a shot. For as long as I can remember, I've had a very very difficult time connecting with people in my age group. I'm 20, I'm in college & it feels so hard to connect with my peers. I don't drink or party, I feel like I have nothing in common with anyone at my university. I often feel lonely, & because I go to school in a different state than my family and boyfriend live in, this only intensifies the feelings of loneliness. On top of that, I feel like I'm never enough for my parents, I feel like I can't make them proud. My parents got divorced because my dad couldn't deal with my mom's mental illnesses, so he obviously doesn't understand mine. I have no idea if my insurance (which I have thru my dad) covers mental health services or how to figure that out. I work for my dad when I'm home for summer & feel that he's constantly judging everything I do & I can never get it right. I don't feel like I belong anywhere in the world & it might be easier to just give up. I want to transfer to another university closer to my family & boyfriend but it would add another year to my education plan & im scared that I will again, disappoint my dad. My boyfriend also suffers from depression & while I love him dearly, I often feel like I can't talk to him about these feelings bc they'll send him on a downward spiral as well. If anyone feels like offering support or friendship, hit me up

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  • spaul22
    spaul22 September 12 at 1:39 am   

    I feel like I wrote this. If you want to message me or be friends that would be nice.

  • the rising
    the rising August 20 at 10:07 am   

    Heysleepyeyes take care of yourself. Hope you do well and improve soon.

  • Dr GaryCA August 5 at 1:09 pm   

    Hi sleepyeyes, I am glad you found your way to our supportive community. Welcome! It sounds like you are dealing with a lot. I was very shy in college, and it was also hard for me to connect with people and make friends. So I understand how you feel. Most colleges and universities have a student counseling center. Have you checked that out? You might be able to get some help from a therapist on staff at your school. It is worth checking out. You might also check into your student life department, to see if they offer activities, like meet-up groups, that might help you get connected with people. And you might check out some groups to join where you could meet people with similar interests. I am sorry to hear your father is not supportive, I know how hard that is. Getting some counseling might also help you to cope with his behavior better. What I tell my clients is that we can't control how other people choose to think or behave. But we can learn to meet them on life's terms and coexist with them, and not be brought down by their attitudes and behavior. I hope you will stay in touch with us. Don't go through this alone. Keep us posted on how you're doing.

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