I lost my puppy today

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I have been wanting a husky puppy for the past 20 years. Ever since my older brother and his wife had one. I loved her and wanted my own someday. A couple months ago things finally fell into place so I could get one. My wife and I took our little girl and picked out a puppy from a local breeder. I made a deep connection with her and she made me feel comfortable and happy. Even with the financial struggles and stressful events going on I felt ok when she'd come snuggle up with me at night on the couch.

A couple weeks ago she started acting strange. Wouldn't eat much, stopped playing. We took her to the vet and initially they said there was a small blockage in her stomach that she would need to pass but she'd be ok. She got worse after a couple days so we took her in again and the parvo test was positive. We immediately go the medications and began the treatment. She was supposed to improve over the course of a week. A week later she wasn't any better. She still refused to eat anything. After the week she would barely even drink and everything we gave her was thrown back up. We took her back in to the vet and they hospitalized her. Bloodwork came back last night and we were told her kidneys were failing, she had a skin infection, and anemia. the vet recommended an IV treatment to get her hydrated and get some vitamins and nutrients into her. We did that but this morning she was completely unresponsive. She was in pain so we had to let her go. Over the last couple weeks I keep asking myself why I can't seem to get a head. Every time I start thinking things might start getting better something happens that hits me down again.

I recently saw a saying, "Remember when you were little and you'd fall on the trampoline and everyone would keep bouncing you so you couldn't get back up. That's being an adult."

I feel that really applies. Life can really be a bitch and sometimes it's really hard to get back up.

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  • voyancedirect
    voyancedirect November 13, 2017 at 12:14 am   

    Really very sorry for your loss.

  • Clementheart
    Clementheart November 5, 2017 at 7:25 pm   

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Our pets can be our very best friends, and it can be truly devastating when they die. I remember when I was really young and lost my sweet dog "pepper"… I was heartbroken. The one thing that brought me comfort after she died, was thinking to myself that I was sure that I would see her in heaven someday. :)

    I lost my wonderful dad on September 19th, so I can really empathize with your feelings of grief. I'm not sure how well I am doing with dealing with that grief. Nearly every day my eyes fill with tears and I cry… I'm not able to look at recent photos of him without getting extremely emotional… It's really really difficult to go to my parent's home and not have him there, but I am trying to be a great support to my dear sweet mum. It's really hard. I guess we just have to take one day at a time, allow ourselves time to be able to grieve and feel the pain, and determine what brings us peace and hope. For me, it's my spiritual beliefs and my loved ones that bring the most comfort and hope to me. I wish you the very best during this difficult time.

  • Dr GaryCA November 3, 2017 at 10:57 pm   

    Hey Chef_Utah, I feel so sad when I read your post. What a sad story. I feel really bad for you. I can feel in your words how attached you were to your wonderful little dog. Dogs love us so unconditionally. Life can feel so random, and so unfair. And I know you have been hit with a lot. Sounds like you have a family who loves you — that's a lot. I am glad you have support during this hard time. I hope you will take good care of yourself, be kind to yourself. And keep us posted on how you're doing. You are not alone.

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