been feeling like a nobody nothing

By jvergara Latest Activity November 19 at 1:37 pm Views 1,232 Replies 2


I feel like I've done nothing but hurt and disappoint. I feel like a burden a lot of the times, this ugly burden who's slipping away. Some days I get so angry and sad, that it's hard to look past it. I'm scared of myself.

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  • princess andrea monet
    princess andrea monet November 25 at 12:41 am   

    I feel this way when I don't accomplish much day after day after day. So I pick something insignificant I can accomplish to make me feel a little better.

  • Dr GaryCA November 24 at 1:56 pm   

    Hi jvergara, I am really glad to meet you. I am glad you found your way to us! But I am sorry you are feeling so hurt and disappointed, I really am. Depression is a double whammy. It tells you how bad you feel, and then it tells you there is no hope. But that's not true. What you are feeling is treatable. Are you getting any help from a mental health professional? It might also help to reach out to any friends or family members who can just be there for you, and listen without judging you. Do you have anyone like that in your life? You are not alone! I hope you will stay in touch with us and let us know how we can help. Take good care of yourself my friend.

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