Hi I am bipolar and looking for support

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Hi, I used to be on Bipolar Connect and awhile back the site was shut down. I just got through a major depressive episode. I am feeling much bettter. I feel so blessed when I feel well. I was on this site many years ago and do come on from time to time. I enjoy the discussions and hope I can find support here and support others.
Most of the people in my life do not support me. I do not get manic episodes very often. I think I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I seee a Psychiatrist and used to see a Therapist regularly but now having inxurance issues. I have a nice husband who understands my illness beter since he lived with me for so long. I have two lovely young adult daughters. Anyway, I am hoping to connect with some people again on here. I recognize some names from years ago. Happy Holidays All!

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  • CoffeePlease!
    CoffeePlease! February 8 at 5:54 pm   

    Same here. Wasnt for an email, no clue this site was back. I found it helpful.

  • Lady Glitter Sparkles
    Lady Glitter Sparkles December 7 at 12:37 pm   

    Hi solitude, I'm new to this site and am also looking for support. I'm sorry to hear you just had a major depressive episode and are having insurance issues. I must say though that I'm a tad envious that your husband understands your illness - I guess that comes with time, right? - my husband is patient, but can't even begin to understand what I'm going through and often times makes it worse. I just started on my journey to feeling like "me" again or better yet, acknowledging that I'm not okay and seeking help and support.

  • solitude
    solitude December 28 at 7:07 pm   

    Hi Lady,

    I am so glad that someone replied to this. :) Well, besides Dr. Gary that I am always grateful for and he always replies.:) Please don't be envious about my husband. It does come with time. I had two small kids when I was diagnosed and he did not even help me look after them when I got sick. It was tough:( I was diagnosed when I was only 32. I am 51 now! Hard to believe it has been that long! Having this llness is a real journey. Please feel free to message me. It is a very hard concept to acknowledge. I am doing well now too.:) I am so blessed. I will be in touch.

  • Dr GaryCA December 24 at 12:56 pm   

    Hi Lady Glitter Sparkles, it is really nice to meet you. I am glad you are here. So sorry to hear about the insurance issues, I really am. I hope you are able to get access to the care that you need. And sorry to hear your husband is not as supportive and understanding as you need him to be. Has he ever accompanied you on a doctor's appointment? Just wondered if it might help to have your doctor help to explain what you are coping with, and how he can help. I hope you will keep in touch with us!

  • solitude
    solitude December 28 at 7:11 pm   

    Dr. Gary,

    That is always a good idea for Lady's hubby to go with her to the doctor's appointments. I wish my Hubby would have with me. It may have made a real difference. He may have been watching my kids, but still.

  • Dr GaryCA November 29 at 6:29 pm   

    Hi solitude, it is great to see you, my friend. Welcome!!! I am sorry to hear about the depressive episode and glad you are dong better. Sounds like you have a supportive of family, I remember your posts about your family from Bipolar Connect. So important to have a supportive family. I am sad to hear about the insurance issues, you are not alone there. I hope you will stay in touch and keep the connection going. And Happy Holidays to you!

  • solitude
    solitude December 2 at 8:44 pm   

    Hi Dr. GAry,

    Thank you for replying. WOW! It sure is very hard to see such little replies on here. This site used to be so active. Maybe members have just found other support or are nto wriitng. Thanks for responding. I sure hope you are doing well. You have been such a great friend over the years. Happy Holidays..I will be on touch.

  • Dr GaryCA December 24 at 12:49 pm   

    Hi! Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. I am hoping activity on the site will pick up again soon. I am doing okay, thank you. Please stay in touch with us. And always feel free to send me a personal message, too. Yes, we have been friends for a long time. Hope you are having a good holiday weekend.

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