Always wrong even when I'm right...

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It seems like no matter what I do or how I do it I end up being wrong… Like for example I'll wash clothes when they need to be and some how that's wrong… If I'm not working it's an issue when I get a job it somehow becomes an issue… I can't deal with this being wrong no matter how right you try to be…I need some support not always criticism.. it's like even if I do something right it's like oh well remember when you did do this wrong… It's like that was then and this is now do I get a my bad or sorry I was wrong no… I can't do this…😵😵😲😲😡😡😭😭

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  • Ocotillo15
    Ocotillo15 December 28 at 1:37 pm   

    Hi Simply-Mush,

    I felt and still do feel that way - have been working with a therapist for quite some time and she is helping me see that a lot of that is because, growing up, that is the way I was treated. I get very anxious before doing a task, because I know i'll just do it wrong and get repercussions for it. I'm improving, but it still comes back and haunts me. Don't know if this helps, but hope it might.

  • Dr GaryCA December 14 at 8:57 pm   

    Hey Simply-Mush. I am wondering if you are criticizing yourself if you have people around you who are always telling you that you are wrong. Sounds like it is people around you who are saying this. We are all human, we all are doing the best we can, even if it isn't perfect by the standards of other people. So it might help to remind yourself that you are doing your best. And it might help to seek supportive people out to talk with, who can give you encouragement. We can't change how other people think about us, but we can get on our own side and not criticize ourselves. You might also want to talk with a counselor who can give you some support and help you to cope with these negative voices around you. Take good care of yourself, my friend. And keep us posted on how you're doing.

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