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So this is like my 5th day of being on Cymbalta and I don't feel happy I was taken off of Lexapro because it made my heart race and when I was on the Lexapro I felt happy and a little more tired then usual but I was super chill and on Cymbalta I'm just ok I still feel a little depressed but I'm supposed to be upping my dosage to 2 capsules a day on day 14. How would anyone recommend I split the dosage or should I take two at the same time? I've also noticed that my insomnia medication has been helping a lot making it easier to fall asleep. So in some instances I feel like some things are getting easier except I always want to sleep I know the weather is one thing but I just feel so exhausted all the time my job is kinda stressful working for a dealership and dealing with customers and technicians ect. so I'm just trying to figure out how to be a little more active.

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  • Dr GaryCA February 21 at 6:53 pm   

    Hi Amanda, it's nice to see you. I am not a physician, but it has been my experience with my clients that it takes 2-4 weeks on a medication to begin to feel the benefits. And it has been my experience that the first few days or so may include some unfamiliar sensations. It is always a really good idea to stay in close contact with your doctor, especially if you are having concerns about how the medication is affecting you. If you are having questions about splitting the dosage, this would definitely be question to ask your doctor. Team up with your doctor, this helps you to get good care and helps your doctor to do his/her best work. Everybody benefits. If you are feeling excessive fatigue, your doctor should know about that, too. Not trying to lecture you, just want to encourage you to take good care of yourself. I know it must be stressful to work at a dealership. I hope you are getting time to yourself, to spend time with people, do things you enjoy, and have a balanced life. Please keep us posted on how you're doing.

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