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Hello everyone, I'm new here. I don't really know what to say. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety years ago, but only recently found out that my old doctor had given me such a low dosage for my medication that it wasn't doing anything. got that changed, but I feel like it's still not working. I feel hopeless and lonely most of the time, and often find myself taking it out on those I love. I just don't know what to do about it.

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  • 987csb
    987csb July 9 at 8:37 pm   

    what are you on right now? I know what you mean about taking it out on those that are close, its a frustrating situation. do you have any hobbies to help keep you uplifted?

  • Dr GaryCA March 26 at 9:02 pm   

    HI! It's great to meet you. I'm really glad you found your way to our supportive community. Glad to hear you advocated for yourself and got your medication changed. Your doctor may have mentioned that it can take some time to feel the effects of a new medication or a change in dosage. So I encourage you to stay in touch with your doctor. I am also wondering if you are receiving any counseling. That could help a lot. A counselor can talk to you about what's going on in your life and help you with some new coping strategies. I hope you will stay in touch with us!

  • notsonormal1
    notsonormal1 March 23 at 2:57 am   

    Tell your doctor! They can up the dosage more or find a medication that will work for you. Keep your head up!

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