Emotional Support Dog

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I've suffered with self-diagnosed depression for years now and have never see a professional for it. My sister recommended I get a pet. A few months later I got my 1yr old puppy Olivia and she has been my life line since.
I am looking to move into an apartment but most do not allow pets. I was thinking of registering Olivia as a emotional support dog but don't know where to begin! Should I see my primary doctor or a therapist? Is it too late for that? Can I just register her through a website? Wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations or any stories they can share with me.

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  • Dr GaryCA June 20 at 10:24 pm   

    Hi asanchezz, it's nice to see you. I think pets are just incredible support. Unconditional love! So glad you have found a pet that makes you happy. A therapist or a physician can write you a letter. If you Google on "emotional support pet letter apartment" you will get sample letters. I have written many of them for my clients, for both the airlines as well as apartments that don't allow pets. The law is on your side. I hope you will let us now you do with this.

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