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Living in southern New Mexico. Had friends from work, but when I left work, friendships didn't continue.
I run into them occasionally, we exchange numbers, I don't get responses back.
Live 30 minutes from town, homemaker, no kids.
I tried volunteer work but it was like work, no one kept in touch aside for me trying.
It happened again recently, sweet lady I used to work with and I exchanged numbers, she suggested coffee, I was excited. I sent her two txt a to respond to two questions of hers, and then nothing.
I mean my goodness, I want to hold dinner parties and stuff again, I am an ex bartender, I cook, I need a friend outlet to gush on.
If anyone needs an email or in-person buddy, I'm here for you!

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  • Dr GaryCA July 4 at 9:36 pm   

    Hey Floret, it's great to meet you. I am glad you are here. I am sorry to hear you are having such a hard time meeting people who are open to being friends. I have to say that I have this conversation a lot with friends. I know how hard it is to make new friends as an adult, especially when you get into your 30's and beyond. People couple up, they develop their friendship circles, they get busy with work and whatever they do outside of work… and they aren't always open to changing up their routine. It's not that you aren't an interesting and kind person who would be a great friend, it's just that so often people are just stuck in their routines. So I hope you don't take their lack of motivation personally. As solitude suggested, is a great resource for meeting people. You might look into joining community groups, civic groups, taking some kind of fun class, joining some kind of spiritual group. I hope you will keep at it. There are people out there who are also looking to make friendship connections. I hope you will keep us posted and let us know how you're doing.

  • solitude
    solitude June 26 at 11:02 pm   

    I can really relate. I don’t have many friends. Makes my depression so much worse sometimes. My friends at work I don’t want to be friends with. I like my job. Just not my kind of people to socialize with. I do have a husband and two grown daughters.i am blessed but I need more. Write me anytime and feel free to message me. Also did you try meet It is nationwide I think. You meet people in a group situation depending on your interests. I signed up once but didn’t follow through. Good luck with making friends. I feel I am a caring and nice person. Don’t know why people don’t like me.

  • Dr GaryCA July 4 at 9:13 pm   

    Hi! I call the therapist's friend. I have encouraged many clients to visit that site and check out what's available in their area. It is a great way to get connected with people who also want to meet people. Nice to see you!!!

  • Floret
    Floret June 26 at 1:39 pm   

    Ok. This went in the wrong place and I cannot delete. Apologies.

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