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Hello everyone,

My name is Aaron, and I just joined two communities here for depression and diabetes (type 2). I feel like both are connected and I'm not sure which is causing or contributing to my problems.

I have been married for ten years, we have a five year old daughter, and my wife and I both have well-paying jobs. Despite this, I'm frequently depressed and completely lacking in energy or motivation.

For several years earlier in our marriage, I was fighting anger management issues, which turned out to be at least partially caused by undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. I started getting that under control and felt better, but haven't been managing it as well for a couple of years now. Instead of being angry all the time, I'm just…getting by. I didn't even consider that it could be depression until my wife mentioned it, and I took a survey on my insurance's website that said it could be moderate depression, so here I am.

My wife and I frequently fight about me not contributing enough to our marriage. I fully admit this may be all on me, but I have a very hard time working on it. I keep telling her my energy level is not as high as hers (in addition to the diabetes I am seven years older than her, in my early 40s), and I am doing my best to help out around the house but it's not enough.

I really like the company I work for, but have a hard time focusing and doing my work there too. I need energy shots just to make it through the day.

I need to spend more time with my daughter, but frequently start falling asleep as soon as I start playing with her. I HATE this…it feels like my body is saying I'm bored with her when I'm not…it's not even physically demanding things, just playing board games or LEGOs or toys, and I just start shutting down.

The only thing I seem to be able to focus on is my own hobbies, which feels extremely selfish. I can watch TV shows or movies on my own just fine (or occasionally with my wife), or play a video game (this used to be my biggest hobby but I abandoned it because of the time involved), or painting miniatures (my current hobby).

Anyway, this is a start I guess. I need to read more resources here. Thanks.

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