How to get shorter in height?

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Are there any ways to get shorter ? Other than surgery and things like that ? I'm a fourteen year old girl that's 5"4 or 5"5. I hate it. I think I'm too tall. I'm half Japanese as well. I'm just like my mother, but my body is much like my dads. I'm tall, have long legs and boobs. But I hate it. And please please please no "your body is beautiful" crap. /:
I want to be shorter cause I go to Japan quite often and I stand out a lot. I stand out enough already cause of the way I choose to dress but I don't want to stand out for my height. I really want to lose 3-4 inches. Is that possible ? No one has said anything about my being tall or anything, but I think I am. The guys I tend to like are shorter than me and that's weird. ):
This guy and I have been hitting it off quite well but he's shorter than me. Just like all the other guys I have liked.
Is there any way to get shorter ?

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