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mamaof3boys I'm back I'm back everyone. I need this place. I need all of you. I've missed you. Message me!
By mamaof3boys Latest Activity 5:08 pm Replies 3 Likes 3
Catie3243 Feeling heart broken I don't understand what's wrong with me? I try to be the best woman I can be but it never…
By Catie3243 Latest Activity 2:36 pm Replies 2
Dee Dee 47 panic ,depression. ptsd.... Hello I'm new to this site.. =) I have and depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember..
By Dee Dee 47 Latest Activity 3:30 pm
coreymmafighter help... So I am just kind of asking for help. I have not been doing very well, and I don't have…
By coreymmafighter Latest Activity September 29 at 3:53 pm Replies 7
clearskys7 Do others have this confusion?? This is going to be very difficult for me to explain as i do not fully understand it myself.
By clearskys7 Latest Activity September 20 at 4:41 am Replies 3
Daddyof2 Want to fly high Life is so tedious and boring, our concept of adult life is shaped by media and subtle messages about who…
By Daddyof2 Latest Activity September 23 at 4:16 pm Replies 2
sadminion kik? whilst at work Thursday I became quite unwell, was booked into A&E and spent two nights in hospital - have…
By sadminion Latest Activity September 11 at 8:24 am Replies 7
du92979 Pleae help If anyone is up please message me. I want to self injure and would like a distraction. Please.
By du92979 Latest Activity September 10 at 1:11 am Replies 3
pogey NEW HERE.... hello, been trying to do all of the things iam told to do about maintaining this illness, take your meds…
By pogey Latest Activity September 16 at 8:06 am Replies 3 Likes 1
Anonymous Stigma hurts but it's my fault Someone who has lately been a great support to me during my depression finally has had enough and lashed out.
By Anonymous Latest Activity September 9 at 9:22 am Replies 1
Anonymous Too scared to live too scared to die I've tried everything you can imagine. There's nothing left to do. I am totally hopeless with no motivation to get…
By Anonymous Latest Activity September 16 at 12:50 am Replies 1
mamaof3boys When is enough enough?? 25 years of hospitals, drs, psychologists, social workers, pills, books, self medicating... When can I stop trying?? I'm tired.
By mamaof3boys Latest Activity September 7 at 2:22 am Replies 15 Likes 1
mamaof3boys What the hell?? What has happened to this community?? This used to be a place of love and support and respect and no…
By mamaof3boys Latest Activity September 5 at 5:36 pm Replies 4
Tears with Wings Push everything & everyone away I close out the world, then wonder why I am lonely. Yet I just cannot bring myself to be social.
By Tears with Wings Latest Activity September 7 at 7:24 pm Replies 10 Likes 2
andreamac73 I'm at the end, I can't take anymore I really need to talk to someone who understands. I can't take this anymore. I've been out walking the dogs…
By andreamac73 Latest Activity September 4 at 9:14 am Replies 5
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