Hi ArtsyGirl,

Nice to see you! And this is a great question. So many people suffer from social anxiety.

I wish there was a formula I could give you for making social anxiety a thing of the past. But unfortunately there isn't. However, I can give some ideas to think about.

There are a lot of different causes of social anxiety. It can be the result of a biochemical imbalance. it can be the result of childhood experiences of being embarassed or humilated. Or it can result from seeing others being humilated.

Because there are different causes of social anxiety, the best way to treat it is to first gain an understanding of the cause . A mental health professional can make this determination by talking with you, and possibly using some psychological tests.

Depending on the cause, a treatment plan is then developed. It sounds like your social anxiety is the result of past experiences. Treatment might include therapy, and possibly medication, depending on you and the professional decide is the best route.

One approach that has been very successful in working with individuals with social anxiety is cognitive behavior therapy. This approach involves helping you to identify thoughts and beliefs that cause you to feel anxious in social situations. Therapy involves recongizing and changes these beliefs, and learning new ways to react in situations in which you have been feeling anxious. Cognitive behavior therapy is really practical, and learning new coping techniques to lower stress and be more involved, less inhibited, in social situations.

What's most important is that social anxiety is diagnosable and treatable. So I hope that you will reach out and get some help. There are a lot of great people out there in the world to get connected with.

I am glad you are connected with us!

Stay in touch!


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