Rosie Martin

Hi Rosie,

Thanks for checking in here. It's good to be in touch! And you asked two good questions. Since they are related to each other, I will respond to them together.

First, let me say that depression and anger can go together. Depression can leave you feeling hopeless and helpless, and it is human nature to react to feeling that you don't have control over your life with anger. Depression can also affect your self-esteem, make you feel like you aren't very successful, and anger is a reaction to not feeling very good about yourself. The frustration of living with depression can, over time, leave you feeling angry. and you may have people in your life whose behavior triggers feelings and memories that result in anger. When you are walking around with anger, and someone accidentally pushes that button, the result can be explosive. Anxiety can also result in anger. So a lot of potential reasons why you might have some problems controlling your anger.

I have a couple of suggestions.

If your doctor isn't aware of the anger issues, he/she should be. I would take some notes about your last blow-up, how you felt, what led it up to it. It might help to present this to your doctor. The two of you might want to talk about how your treatment is going, how your regimen is working. Managing your depression better may also help you to manage your anger, something to discuss with your doctor.

You might also want to talk to a counselor or therapist about anger management. The two of you could work together on understanding the situations that trigger your anger and learning new coping skills to help you to deal with triggers. Cognitive behavior therapy could help a lot. So could learning some relaxation technques.

What you experiencing is treatable. I hope you won't go through this alone.

So stay in touch!


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