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This is a really good question. It has been my experience that individuals who are living with depression also have difficulty with decision-making. Recent research has also supported this connection.

Depression makes everything seem overwhelming. It's part of the hopelessness-helplessness that goes along with depression. Depression also affects your ability to think clearly and to concentrate, which affects decision-making. And depression can affect your self confidence, which makes it difficult to trust the decisions you make.

I have also had depressed clients who make quick, impulsive decisions because they are so desperate to feel better and want to take some kind of action to feel better.

I encourage you to talk to a therapist, if you are not doing this already. It could help a lot to have an objective listening ear to talk about what's going on in your life, and the choices your contemplating. Therapy can provide tools for coping, and just help you to have a more balanced perspective, to rationally weigh the pros and cons of the choices you are contemplating, to help you to avoid making impulsive deciions. It can also help to talk to supportive friends, if they can be sounding boards and help to be more objective, without telling you what to do.

I am glad you checked in. Take good care of yourself!


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