zachary steele

Hi Zachary,

I am glad you checked in, my friend.

I think it's difficult to determine what's "normal" where dreams are concerned. When we sleep, we basically let our guard down. Our subconscious kind of goes to town at that point, and we might dream about all kinds of things. What we wish for. What we fear. Strange quirky images that don't seem to have anything to do with anything. Dreams can also reflect different aspects of life situations that we are currently working through — kind of presenting us with different viewpoints — as well as any aspect of ourself that we are questioning, or have questioned in the past.

So what I would say is that dreaming is normal, even when we dream about things that don't lend themselves to an immediate explanation by way of logic. Our subconsious mind isn't necessarily all that logical.

What I would encourage you to do is to sit down and talk with a mental health professional about your dreams. It might help to give you some perspective on whatever is coming up for you in the dreams. Especially a mental health professional who has experience with gender issues. Or a friend who can give you some support, starting with being a non-judgmental listening ear. You don't have to fear your dreams. Talking to someone can help.

Don't go through this alone. Stay in touch with us. And take good care of yourself.


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