HI Dafi,

I am glad you checked in. Great to meet you.

It is not advisable to end the use of a medication on your own. In fact, it can be dangerous. Stopping a medication is something that you and your doctor should discuss. It is a decision that the two of you should make together. And then, if the two of you decide that it is time to stop using the Effexor, then your doctor would put you on a plan to taper off slowly. This is a process and it's really important to follow it carefully. And that is the only way to do it safely.

So I am hoping you are working closely with your doctor and talking about your treatment regimen, how you feel it is working, and exploring what you can do to take the best care of yourself.

And again, take good care of yourself.

Keep us posted on how you're doing, my friend.


Answered By Answered by Dr GaryCA
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