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This is a great question. And it is one that I am often asked. My clients over the years have reported to me that they didn't think their medications were working as well anymore. Including clients who, like you, have been on the same regimen over a number of years.

I found a really good article on the Mayo Clinic website that you might find helpful. Here is a link:

Apparently, based on the Mayo article, it is possible that antidepressants can be come less effective over time. The article provides a number of reasons.

Here is the advice I give my clients. Keep a journal about how you're feeling. Record symptoms. Keep track of how symptoms may be changing over time. Think back to when you started feeling like your medications were becoming less effective. And then bring this information to your doctor's appointment with you so that you can help your doctor with some solid information.

And definitely advocate for yourself. Make sure your doctor is aware of your concerns and request that you sit down together and talk about what might be going on.

Take good care of yourself! And keep in touch with us, my friend.


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major mess
major mess April 5, 2015 at 7:06 pm   

Thank you for the advice and the friend add. Great idea.

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