Hi klburr,

Nice to see you.

Depression is actually described as a mood disorder. But given your question, I am wondering if you are concerned that you could have a mood disorder that is characterized by both depression and manic episodes, like bipolar disorder.

You mentioned Abilify. So that tells me that you are working with a physician who has prescribed you a medication. Assuming so, then the starting place would be to sit down with your doctor and talk about your diagnosis. It's important for you to be aware of how your doctor views your symptoms and how your doctor has diagnosed you. I would also encourage you to make sure your doctor is aware of how you are feeling day to day, including your moods. If you don't feel that your regimen is helping then your doctor really needs to know this. This will help to assure that you are working together, and that you are on a regimen that is most appropriate for treating your mental illness.

You also mentioned veggies. I am assuming you are also watching your diet and trying to eat healthy. Health eating is a good thing? But again, your diet, and any expectations you have for how your diet should be impacting your symptoms, is best discussed with your doctor.

I am really sorry to hear you have also experienced cancer this past year. You have had so much to deal with. I hope you are working closely with your doctor.

Really glad you checked in. I hope you are taking good care of yourself, getting support, living a healthy lifestyle, doing what you can to keep the stress down, and working closely with your doctors. If you aren't in therapy, that could also help a lot. It's a great idea to have as much professional support as possible.

I hope you will stay in touch with us. And take good care of yourself!


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