Hi islandgirl,

It is good to meet you. I am glad you checked in.

I am sorry to hear your husband is not supportive. It's hard to live with depression. We all need to have people in our lives who listen to us, who acknowledge what's on our minds, who can listen without judgment. Especially our partners. I am sorry your husband doesn't seem to be willing or able to do that.

Here is an article I wrote on this issue awhile back:

If you haven't already, it might be helpful to have a conversation with him about how much you need him to be more supportive, let him know how much it hurts you when you express yourself and he brushes you off. Give him some examples and tell him how you felt. Ask him if he needs more support from you and what you can do, as well. Just an idea.

I am wondering if he would be willing to accompany you to a doctor or therapist appointment. It could help a lot for your husband to get some education. Something to consider.

If your husband would be open to getting some couples counseling, this could also help.

I also encourage you to get support from friends and other family members, people in your life who can listen without judging you. It's really important to have a strong support network. Sitting down with a relative or a good friend and talking things out can help give you some perspective, and help you feel more cared for. Don't go through this alone.

I hope you will stay in touch with us. Everybody here gets what you are going through because they are traveling the same road.

Stay in touch!


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