Hey robyngregory,

It's really great to meet you. I am glad you checked in here.

So sorry to hear your therapist is moving on. There's a science to being a good therapist. You have to be well trained, experience, but also have a natural ability to listen and to help. A good therapist needs to have compassion and empathy. That's why some therapists are better than others. Having said that, the relationship between a patient and a therapist is also based on chemistry. This is not measurable, it is something that happens between two people. You know when it's there. Having good rapport, as you said, is a sign of chemistry.

Sounds like you and your therapist had good chemistry. And as you said so well, that makes it harder for you to part ways with her. And it probably makes the task of finding a new therapist that much more difficult.

Here is a link to an article I wrote awhile back:

I refer to the hunt for a new therapist as shrink shopping. This is not intended to make light of this process. But I do use this term because there is a certain element of shopping to this process. And I encourage those looking for a new therapist to do some shopping. That includes doing some Web surfing to find providers in your area, as well as looking on the website of your insurance provider, if you planning to use insurance, or familiarizing yourself with the other providers who work at the clinic you are being treated at. But shopping also involves meeting potential therapists, introducing yourself, briefly describing what you need, getting an idea of how they work. And especially, getting a sense of whether you and the therapist can establish a rapport, whether you feel a real chemistry.

This may take some time to find someone with whom you can establish a connection. But it is worth the time and energy. After all, this is a big decision.

You might also ask your current therapist if she can refer you to someone she knows and trusts. It can't hurt to ask.

Be a strong advocate for yourself. Take whatever time you need. This will help you to find your way to the right person.

Best wishes to you. And I hope you will keep us posted on your progress.


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