Hey Sere29,

It is great to meet you. And I am glad you checked in. This is a great question.

I am not a physician so I can't give you specific advice regarding Wellbutrin. But I can share something that I have learned from my clients over the years.

The first question I would have for you is, how long have you been on the Wellbutrin? It can take some time for a medication to become effective, and symptoms you experience at first may go away over time. Did your doctor talk to you about what to expect?

But here is another consideration:

Each of us has our own unique body chemistry. Your biochemical make-up can result in mental illness like depression. Your biochemistry can also directly influence the way in which you experience the symptoms of depression. And your biochemistry can influence how specific medications affect you.

As a result, how individuals are affected by medications like Wellbutrin varies from one patient to the next.

Because of that, getting to the best medication regimen can be a process. It is not uncommon for someone to start on one medication, and then move to a new dosage, or a new medication, or a combination of medications, over a period of time, until they get to a regimen that works for them. This can be frustrating, I know. And I can understand why you might be frustrated that a medication that you are taking to pick up your mood instead seems to be doing the opposite.

What I always encourage my clients to do is to work really closely with their physicians. Don't hesitate to be high maintenance. After all, they are the doctor and this is your mental health. I hope you will let your doctor know how you are feeling so that the two of you can team up to see what steps you may need to take next.

So, whether you are new to Wellbutrin or have been on it awhile, if you are not getting good results, and are potentially even feeling worse, then it is really important to let your doctor know what's going on. The more your doctor knows, the better he/she can do their job.

So take good care of yourself, starting with being your own best advocate. And stay in touch with us. Let us know how you're doing.


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