HI BriggSS,

Nice to see you. And that's a good question. Living in a house with other people can be challenging. Each one of us is unique and, as a result, it is only natural that we can rub each other the wrong way at times, or even pretty often.

If those five people are family members, then at least you have a connection that can help you to overcome your differences when they arise. That doesn't mean you will see eye to eye on everything, of course. But having a family connection may be able to help you accept each other, since you have a history together. But yes, those differences, even with family members, can be frustrating. And sometimes downright impossible to get past. It's amazing how people can grow up together, maybe even in the same house, and share so much history, and still be so different from each other.

If those five personalities are friends, or roommates you don't have much of a connection to, then you might be feeling less of an incentive to try to find common ground. But still, you have to figure out how to get along in spite of the personality differences.

I find that the easiest way to get along with people who have very different personalities is to just accept that they are who they are. We can't make other people behave the way we think they should. So what we can do is to try not to have expectations for them, just let them be who they are. Not having expectations for other people, not trying to control or change them, can make them a whole lot easier to live with.

It can also help to try to focus on something about each of the other people they you respect, or even like. If you can focus on something — a quality they possess, for example — this can make it easier to be with them.

If there is something specific someone does that bothers you, like not cleaning up after themselves, or making noise, then maybe you can sit down with them and work out a way to get along better. You might ask if there is something you could do better, as well. Compromising can make a big difference in how you get along.

To be honest, happiness may be a lot to ask for if you have major personality differences, or at least happy with those people. But there are a lot of ways to be happy, including the things you do outside of the house. You don't have to depend on the people you live with for your happiness. But you might find that, by accepting them, and focusing on what you can like about them, you can at least be content at home.

It's great to be in touch. I hope you will keep me posted on how you're doing. Take good care of yourself!


Answered By Answered by Dr GaryCA
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