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I am not familiar with Redi-Calm. So I looked it up. It seems to be an herbal remedy for stress.

Whether it would be good for depression is debatable. It would depend in part on what is causing your depression, for example, if you are experiencing depression as a result of stress. And it would depend on how you are affected by whatever this product is made up of. Some people are helped by herbal remedies, others aren't. But still others may be harmed by them.

I am always concerned about herbal remedies, mainly because they can be helpful, not helpful, or harmful, depending on your individual biochemical makeup. Also, they can interact negatively with other medications.

So I just have to encourage you to talk to your physician about using this product. It's really worth a conversation. You might print out the product information, including what Redi-Calm actually contains, and take that to a doctor's appointment with you. It's really important to make sure you aren't taking anything, herbal or otherwise, which might have a negative impact on your physical or mental health.

As the saying goes, buyer beware.

I am glad you asked this question. Let us know what you hear and what you decide to do. And take really good care of yourself.


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