Hi jhen692,

I am glad you checked in.

What you described could indeed be symptoms of anxiety, but also of depression. And keep in mind that anxiety and depression can go hand in hand.

I am first going to give you the advice I always give to someone who is feeling overwhelmed emotionally. What you are experiencing is treatable. I really encourage you to get connected with a mental health professional. I professional would talk to you about all the feelings you are experiencing. He/she would render a diagnose. And then, the two of you would work together on a treatment plan for the way forward. Keep in mind that you would have lots of input into this process. A mental health professional might recommend therapy, medication, or a combination of the two. The ultimate decision would be yours.

But here's something else. It has been my experience that people can surprise us. People who you feel may judge you may actually be very open and supportive. Believe me, we all have stuff to deal with, nobody has a perfect life. So you may want to consider sitting down with a friend or family member who is especially trustworthy and talking to them about what's going on. You start by letting them know you just need to talk to someone who cares about you, that you hope they won't judge you, and that you just need them to listen, not to tell you what to do or to "fix" you. Again, friends can surprise us. And if you have been showing your irritation to friends, they may appreciate knowing that it is not because they are doing something wrong.

We all need support!

I am glad you are here. And you are not alone. So stay in touch with us. Let us know how you're doing.

Take really good care of yourself!


Answered By Answered by Dr GaryCA
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