HI labrys67,

Glad you checked in. This is a good question, one that I am sure a lot of people can relate to.

Sorry to hear you are dealing with all this anxiety, as well as the recent deaths.

You asked about getting help in coping with anxiety online, so I am assuming you are interested in a technology-based solution, like an app. There are some really interesting apps available these days that you can install on your smartphone and use to help you manage your anxiety.

What I would do is to go the app store of whatever smartphone, e.g. Apple, you are using, and then search on anxiety or anxiety relief, and see what comes up. You will see a list of apps with descriptions as well as ratings. I suspect you will find something that looks helpful, and you can give it a try.

If you are interested in a website, here is a link to a list of online resources for help with anxiety:

There really are a lot of technology-based resources with both information and tools built in, and you might find these resources helpful in providing you with techniques and tools to manage anxious thoughts and feelings.

Approaches that include cognitive behavior therapy and/or mindfulness might be especially helpful.

I hope you will keep me posted on what you come up with. Take good care of yourself!


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