Hey cantwaite,

It's really nice to hear from you. I am so glad you reached out.

First, you are not a baby. Feelings of depression can come out of nowhere, or they may be the result of an event in your life. Either way, these feelings are not a sign of immaturity or weakness. So I encourage not to get down on yourself for the way you are feeling. I think admitting you need help and reaching out for help is a very brave thing to do. I wish more people who feel like you do would reach out for help.

And you are correct, swallowing feelings doesn't make them go away.

What you are experiencing is treatable. And you have taken the first step toward getting help. I really encourage you to reach out for help. Here's is a link to an article I wrote awhile back that you might find helpful:

If you have insurance, you can go to your company's website and look for therapists in the behavioral or mental health section of the site. If you have Medicaid or Medicare, you may also be able to access this information online. If you have a job, you can also see if your organization has an employee assistance plan you can call. You can also mention to your regular physician that you are having symptoms that you are concerned may be depression, and ask for advice or a referral.

A mental health professional would meet with you and talk about how you are feeling. They would suggest a treatment plan, which you could work on together. This might include medication and/or psychotherapy. Keep in mind that you have options, and you have a voice in your treatment plan in terms of the directions you feel comfortable with.

I hope you won't go through this alone. You have taken the first step by raising your hand and saying you need help. A very brave and a very grown up thing to do. The next step is to advocate for yourself and find your way to someone who can help.

Again, what you experiencing is treatable. Don't go through this alone.

And please keep in touch, my friend, and let me know how you're doing.

Take good care of yourself!


Answered By Answered by Dr GaryCA
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