Hi Eleahann,

Glad you checked in. I often talk with members here as well as my own clients about symptoms they are experiencing, and what this might mean for them in terms of a diagnosis.

The feelings of emptiness and sorrow you describe can be signs of depression, but they can also be signs of other mental health conditions. You also mentioned that you are feeling jealous. Sounds like you may have a situation in your life that is causing you some distress. Emptiness and sorrow can be the result of jealousy as well.

Here's what I encourage you to do. I think you might potentially benefit from speaking with a mental health professional. Sitting down with a counselor would give you the opportunity to sort out what's going on with you. A counselor could help you gain some perspective, and help you to learn some new ways to cope. That could help a lot. A counselor could also listen to what's going on with you and offer a diagnosis, as well as suggest a treatment plan to help you to feel better.

Also I just want to encourage you not to diagnose yourself. The Internet is full of great information, including information about mental illness. But it can be all to easy to fit your symptoms into a "recipe" for a specific mental illness and make the assumption that the label fits you. Mental health professionals are trained to listen for and to observe symptoms that may support a specific mental health diagnosis. It's a complicated process requiring a lot of training. So please be careful not to diagnose yourself. You can cause distress in yourself that may only make you feel worse.

I think you have taken an important first step. You asked an important question. Now, I hope you will take the next step and reach out for some help.

Take good care of yourself, my friend. And please let me know how you're doing.


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