Hi Kaela,

I'm glad you checked in. This is a good question. As you can probably imagine, it is one that therapists are often asked.

It's really hard to lose a relationship with someone you care about. The loss leaves a big gap. You remember the fun times you had together, just having someone around to spend time with, having someone to share your thoughts with, knowing they were in your corner. The loss leaves you with a lot of questions. Why? Especially when the end of your relationship wasn't your choice. You're left with feelings of sadness, anger, betrayal.

When you lose a relationship you go through a grieving process. Everyone grieves in their own way. The process takes as long as it takes.

And as hard as it emotionally to grieve, going through the process helps to come to acceptance and move on with your life. So allow yourself to feel how you feel. Cry when you need to. It can really help to talk things out with friends, even if you tell the story over and over. Each time you tell it, something clicks into place.

I also encourage you to stay involved with your life. Take care of yourself, eat healthy, get rest. Do things you normally enjoy. Get some exercise, whatever activities you normally do. Spend time with friends and family.

I know this is a rough time. Take it one day at a time. Again, take good care of yourself.


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